Vanessa Hudgens Went Blonde, Maybe

Breaking news of the day. Vanessa Hudgens dyed her hair blonde! OMG!!! See how many exclamation points I put? That’s how you know this is important. Though some say it’s a wig. Way to put a damper on this breaking news guys.

Vanessa was photographed on the set of Spring Breakers with bleached hair or a wig depending on who you believe. Though whichever it is, it’s assumed it’s for her crazy party girl character in the film. And we all know crazy party girls on Spring break are always blonde. It’s in their genetic makeup to be the sluttiest. They just can’t help it. Hudgens stars alongside Selena Gomez and Ashley Benson.

“Spring Breakers” follows the three fun-seeking ladies as they attempt to hold up a bank to finance their spring break plans. James Franco plays a sketchball drug dealer who bails them out.

Finally, a role James Franco was born to play. But back to Vanessa. Did she really dye her hair? I know what Perez Hilton’s writers would say. Tell us what you think in the comments! *Shivers* How do those guys get over that feeling of extreme douchiness?

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11 years ago

its just a wig -.-