Whitney Houston Had Cocaine in Her System

Whitney Houston’s cause of death has finally been revealed. Coming as a shock to nobody, the coroner still says Whitney died from an accidental drowning but adds that heart disease and cocaine were also factors in her death. Let me repeat that. Cocaine was found in her system. However, the other drugs found in her system, marijuana, Xanax, Flexeril and Benadryl, were not contributing factors.

Meanwhile, her family still probably thinks she’s been clean for three years. And they may be right. Whitney was taking a bath at the time of her death so one can assume she kept herself pretty clean. Unless of course by clean they mean “didn’t use marijuana or cocaine.” In which case, they’re just as delusional as Whitney probably was.

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12 years ago

So Sad…

12 years ago

You know ” probably” just isn’t a fair word…You don’t know what her family thinks…I am certain they are grieving and hurt though…this was their daughter, auntie, cousin,  and sister…there is unconditional love in those cases…I feel really bad for them, and I feel bad that she didn’t seem to be able to overcome a problem that is destroying so many lives…so sad…She was still a great talent…I only hope that this can serve as a lesson to other young entertainers out there…Its okay to always rememeber the awesome singing capability of Whitney ,and strive to emulate her second to none voice…but donot… Read more »