Amanda Bynes Crashed Into a Cop Car, Arrested for DUI

At around 3 AM this morning, Amanda Bynes (who rather be banging black dudes) was arrested for DUI after trying to pass a cop car in her black BMW. Keyword: trying. If you haven’t figured it out by now, she didn’t make it.

Amanda ended up sideswiping the rear panel of the police cruiser. She was pulled over and determined unfit to be behind the wheel. She’s since ponied up the $5,000 bail and has been released from jail in West Hollywood.

Sideswiping a cop has to be the dumbest way for a drunk driver to get popped. Like most drunk people, it was probably going well for about 5 seconds until her foot slammed on the gas for no reason at all.

This isn’t the first time Amanda drove drunk. Last month on St. Patrick’s Day, TMZ’s camermen urged the valet to not hand over the keys to Amanda, but they did anyway.

A week before that, Amanda drove off while a cop was writing her a ticket for talking on a cell phone. She later went to the police station to sign the ticket. Probably after she sobered up.

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11 years ago

Why would you write, ”
 (who rather be banging black dudes)??? I just clicked to read the story, but im more appalled at the first sentence! You could of said” banging dudes”, or even being a whore, but u had to include race, because i guess in your eyes, it makes her to appear worse. This is the first time ive even been to this site. I just wanted to check out the mel gibson story, but if this is the type of writers that are writing these articles…..i think ill stay away from this site!

The Blemish
11 years ago
Reply to  WIllNasty20012

If you clicked the link, you’d see it was a joke in reference to when she tweeted about how she preferred black men over any other.