Ashton Kutcher Dating Mila Kunis

Rumors that Mila Kunis and Ashlton Kutcher were dating were quickly shot down by Mila’s publicist. The denial may have been a little premature because PEOPLE details a three-day getaway the two made to the coastal town of Carpinteria, CA just south of Santa Barbara.

Sources say the two ate sushi, shopped for sunflowers and blueberries at a roadside stand and had a lot of private time on Saturday and were only spotted making a coffee run the next day. To restore their bodies after all the sex presumably.

A source says Ashton has been in love with Mila since That 70’s Show┬ábut never got a chance since she was dating Macaulay Culkin. Yet another source says Kutcher isn’t looking for anything serious. “He always talked about Mila like a little sister. They’re definitely close pals and have been. I think if anything she’s a good time for him. But he’s not looking for anything serious.”

The only reaction I have to this is, fuuuuuuuu, Ashton Kutcher. Then again, Mila should have told me we weren’t exclusive. Her window isn’t the only one I can creepily stare into at night, you know. Mark my words, you’ll miss these glowing eyes that you only catch a glimpse of in your periphery when they’re gone.

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9 years ago

She’s only with him for his nitrous connect.

Famous Flings
9 years ago

That was a great write up! Funny stuff.

9 years ago

They Are Cute 2ogether

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