Chevy Chase in Feud With ‘Community’ Creator

If that long hiatus couldn’t kill Community, then rumors of Chevy Chase being written out next season, while it won’t help, probably won’t affect the series much. Since its return, the show has been NBC’s highest rated comedy behind The Office.

Back to the Chevy Chase/Dan Harmon feud though. It all started when Chase walked off the set on the last day of shooting last month without filming one of his scenes which closes out the season finale. At the wrap party, Harmon gave a speech in front of Chase, his wife and his daughter saying “f*ck you” and then urging the cast and crew to join in to chant “f*ck you” to Chase. Chevy then left a voicemail for Harmon in which he explains that he stormed off the set because he didn’t get the script beforehand and then called the series executive producer an alcoholic cock sucker. Listen to that here.

Dan Harmon seems like kind of a dick trying to get everyone to say “f*ck you” to Chevy in front of his wife and kids. That’s like if your mom went up to you while you were with your friends and started yelling at you to stop jacking off into socks.

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