Eden Wood Explains Her Reality Show

Retired creepy child pageant queen Eden Wood has a reality show coming out called Eden’s World and CBS Atlanta invited her on to explain what it was all about.

According to Eden, it’s about her, helping out kids, la la la, blah blah blah, birdy feet. Why, you don’t say? Sounds intriguing.

At one point, Eden’s mom asks if “we need to have a ‘Come to Jesus’ meeting which I take it to mean, once the cameras go off, pow, right in the kisser.

[CBS Atlanta via Buzzfeed]

  • .Zan Smith

     What a delightfully, repulsive, bad mannered, out of control little piece of crap kid. Naturally her mom, living out her own dreams, would foist this nasty poorly raised child on the “world”. I’m pretty sure the show will bomb and these two buffons will be ridden out on a rail back to Boogervile Arkansas in no time. Who in their right mind thought this was a good idea for the kid or viewers?

    • Clancys_daddy

       I got nothing to add.

    • Pat

      Oh my…how sad


      I KNOW! Who the hell thought this little “cup of sunshine” would brighten our day? EDEN WOOD IS REPULSIVE! And the “adults” who are responsible should be sterilized so they can’t reproduce any further! Of course, I don’t blame the child….she’s just following the example the “mother” set….but REALLY! CAN YOU SAY CHILD ABUSE?

  • Chris

    kill them both please

    • LD

      Geezus really? I mean half you people on here are worse than them. She’s a little kid. I guess you all know what repulsive and disgusting is since you see it in the mirror everyday.
      Amazing hypocrites.

  • Christykerley29

    i blame the mother for all this…a child does not naturally act like this….the mother raised her like this…i think the mother needs her butt whooped long with the daughter … i would never have a child that would act like this….i have two friends that have thier daughters in pageants…and they never ….NEVER act like this…

  • Little f-ing brat!  This kid is a future f-up if I have ever seen one.  Someone put a hoodie on her and send her past Zimmerman’s house ! She will be doing crack by age 11.  The mother should be shot!  Great job mom.

  • connie mcdonald

    I guess the networks dont think that we like to watch good television anymore. Who thought that we would want to look at a spoiled brat and her broke mom on t.v. you are a disgrace to all parents out there. you are not teaching your child anything about the real world. Wait in 5 years you can have the eden and her fatherless child reality show. i would rather watch that at least that child might be cute……..i am surprised that any channel picked up this show………….

  • Tori Morales

    I think the mother wants to live through the child a bit. But Eden would be more cuter if she didn’t act like a spoiled little diva.

  • Nicki

    this is like a typical interview a star does just before entering rehab

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