Emily Blunt Talks About Her Bush

Emily Blunt told Elle (via The Sun) that to get her to laugh while filming a scene, her co-star Rosemarie DeWitt reminded her about the time Chris (O’Dowd, Pratt?) suggested she shave her bush.

“I remember one scene when the director Lynn Shelton came up to Rosemarie and whispered in her ear: ‘Say something that would really embarrass Emily’.

“So Rose told this story that involves my nether regions… Basically, her friend was going out with this boy and he’d said to her, ‘I think you need to shave your pubic hair because it’s really pouffey in your underwear,’ and so we’re doing this scene and Rosemarie just goes: ‘Do you remember when Chris told you to shave your bush?’

“I went completely crimson, I was so mortified. For the first time ever on film, I cried with laughter and they caught it, they captured that golden moment when it was completely genuine.”

Wow. Amazing. A completely genuine moment. You know, until the next time she laughs on camera. She makes it sound like a filming a genuine moment is like finding a pink diamond.

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