Jennifer Lawrence: ‘Screw PETA’

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence talked about a squirrel skinning scene in Winter’s Bone saying, “I should say it wasn’t real, for PETA. But screw PETA.” That’s the spirit. They claimed the squirrel was already roadkill before they skinned it.

Of course, PETA has a Google alert set for their organization so it didn’t take them long to act all pious.

“She’s young and the plight of animals somehow hasn’t yet touched her heart. As (American author/poet) Henry David Thoreau said, ‘The squirrel you kill in jest, dies in earnest.’

“The squirrel was ‘screwed,’ not PETA… We hope Jennifer will learn from other young celebrities like Justin Bieber, Lea Michele and Kellan Lutz, who are using their influence to help, rather than hurt, animals.”

Really, PETA? It was a squirrel that was already dead. Not like it was killed just for that scene. At this point, it feels like PETA is just trolling celebrities.

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