Jose Canseco Trolls for Strange on Twitter

The other day, Jose Canseco hypothesized that global warming could have saved Titanic. Now we find out he’s been trying to hook-up with girls through Twitter’s direct messaging system for the past few months despite have a girlfriend (I think?). Nothing has come of it because this is Jose Canseco we’re talking about. The only way he’d hook-up with a girl is if he attached an actual hook to them and dragged them away kicking and screaming.

The first girl he tried to flirt with was Jamila Marie who was mocking him at first. The conversation went:

Canseco: Your the best
Jamila: you are! your twitter is so great
Canseco: Thank you can I c ur face
Jamila: I changed my profile picture – check now
Canseco: Sorry I have a girlfriend I made a huge mistake

This was her profile picture by the way.

Canseco backed out of that? That chick is hot and she has a falcon on her wrist. A f*cking falcon, man!

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