Katherine Heigl Snatching Up Babies Left and Right

A report by The National Enquirer (I’ll wait until you stop laughing) says Katherine Heigl snatched up a second baby, an 8-day-old girl from Louisiana, in early April.

“The whole adop­tion process for Katherine and Josh’s second child was like a covert operation,” re­vealed a source.

“As soon as they got the word the baby was born, Katherine and Josh flew from California to Loui­siana to pick up their new daughter.

“Mm, this will go great with the other one in my brick oven,” Katherine said.

“But they didn’t want to let the cat out of the bag too soon about their new little girl.”

Katherine wanted the infant to have a chance to get acclimated to her new family and surroundings before she introduced her to the world.

“To keep the whole thing under wraps, a friend sat with their baby five rows in back of them on the plane trip back to Los Angeles,” said the source.

Sounds like a metaphor for how that kid will be raised for the rest of her life. January Jones knows what I’m talking about.

“I’m a dad again! Can you believe it? I’m so happy! I know there will be a lot of sleepless nights coming up for me and Katherine, but I don’t care. I’m tickled pink!”

No. I can’t, nay, I won’t believe any self-respecting man would ever use the phrase “I’m tickled pink!” Unless he said it about 10 octaves higher than normal and screamed something about how fabulous he’s going to make her look.

Update: Us Weekly confirms.

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