Lana Del Rey and Axl Rose?

In March, there were rumors that Lana Del Rey, 25, and Marilyn Manson were dating when they were spotted leaving a restaurant together in a minivan that dropped them off at Manson’s hotel. Over the weekend, pictures of Lana Del Rey and Axl Rose, 50, walking together have sparked new rumors that the two are “totally doing it.”

The two were seen leaving the Chateau Marmon in West Hollywood on Friday. This after Lana hit up two consecutive Guns N’ Roses concerts in LA last month. Presumably because she’s a sadomasochist.

However, GNR guitarist DJ Ashba doesn’t think they’re dating saying Axl just likes to hang out with cool people. Or anyone for that matter. Truth is, he doesn’t get as many groupies now that he looks like fat Dick Tracy.

On a related note, before hitting it big, Lana had a song called “Axl Rose Husband” which sounds like it should be a love song to Axl but in reality it’s just 3 minutes of her shrieking into a microphone.

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