Maria Menounos Broke 2 Ribs, Went Back to Work

At the end of May, Maria Menounos fell on her Dancing With the Stars partner Derek Hough’s leg and cracked two ribs during rehearsal. She kept rehearsing anyway. Now she’s back to work but not without taking precautions.

I’m icing when I get home. My friend Joe drives me from rehearsals and I have a pedicure station with ice in it in my car, so I ice my whole body down.”

“Once I get home, I get in a hot tub and in an Epsom salt bath,” Menounos told Us. “I can’t believe how dangerous dancing is! I told Derek, ‘I don’t understand! I played ice hockey, football, basketball — when did I get so fragile?’ Unfortunately the Hough’s too rough!”

Menounos’ injury “could take months” to heal, but she’s “having shots and taking calcium and other vitamins.”

“The doctors said they can feel the bone growing and it’s a good sign,” Menounos told Us. “The doctor told me to rest but I said there is no way I can quit. I have been just doing the best I can. “Us

I call BS. There’s no way Maria had two broken ribs and kept rehearsing much less breathing without pain. Unless of course she meant a week later. Then yea, I’d believe it. But even with bruised ribs, she’s still a champ for going back to work. If this were me, I’d still be on the floor holding my side and rolling around in pain.

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Um, the author is mistaken.  Maria broke the ribs a week before the show’s March premiere, or approximately March 12. Not the end of May. But I absolutely believe she did. I’m impressed by her sportsmedicine specialist, Ray Raven, MD (who Maria tweeted a pic with while holding a sign that said Dr Raven, life saver):

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