Matthew McConaughey Had His Own Vision for His Assless Pants

Vulture caught up with Matthew McConaughey to talk about his role as male stripper mentor in Steven Soderbergh’s Magic Mike. Notably, they wanted to confirm a rumor they heard that McConaughey spends several scenes in assless chaps. Rumor confirmed. Someone call

“You got to go check it out in a theater and find out, man,” he laughed, admitting, “I did design some special pants.” As far as additional research went, “Channing and I met early on and went by one male revue strip club in New Orleans and I was there for about an hour, and that was enough,” McConaughey said. “For me, that character in Magic Mike was a combination of Clockwork Orange and Jim Morrison. So I’ll leave it at that.”

I’m just going to assume he was high and playing his bongos when he described his character as a mix of Clockwork Orange and Jim Morrison. Ever since Johnny Depp modeled a pirate after Keith Richards, everyone wants their own juxtaposition of contrasting characters.

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