Miley Cyrus’ Movie Will Not Be Promoted

Mily Cyrus and Demi Moore’s film LOL, where Miley plays Lola who people call Lol for short (no, really), will not be getting the red carpet treatment from Lionsgate. LOL was supposed to be Miley’s big break into the adult world or at least the teen romcom world but Lionsgate couldn’t find a place for the film in their schedule.

But executives at the studio soon lost their enthusiasm for the picture, according to people with knowledge of the situation who were not authorized to speak publicly about it. With Lionsgate focused on several higher-profile projects, including last year’s flops “Abduction” and “Conan the Barbarian” and March’s mega-hit “The Hunger Games,” “LOL” never got a spot on the release calendar.

Lionsgate executives were not confident that they could successfully sell the picture, which centers on Cyrus’ character, named Lola, but features a series of interwoven tales involving teenagers. It lacks the obvious marketing hook of high-profile films like “Hunger Games” and the upcoming adaptation of the bestselling pregnancy book “What to Expect When You’re Expecting.” LAT

Lionsgate told director Lisa Azuealos they couldn’t give it the attention it needed until after Hunger Games. Not only that, LOL would have gone direct to DVD if it wasn’t for Mandate’s contracts with foreign distributors which said it had to be shown domestically in at least 100 theaters.

That is to say, if you want to catch this film, just forget Avengers is releasing on the same day and be in one of the 7 cities its being shown in.

In a sign of how low a priority “LOL” is at Lionsgate, its marketing is being handled by the studio’s home entertainment division, not its theatrical marketing team, which typically oversees any release going to theaters.

A studio spokeswoman said that Cyrus was not available to discuss “LOL” due to her schedule. On her Twitter page, the actress has within the last weeks written about spending her time obsessively watching the television show “Prison Break,” eating walnuts, and walking her dog. This week, she also thanked her fans for promoting “LOL.”

So the film is so low priority that even the star is too busy to promote it save for a single tweet. This sounds great. Did Miley and Demi show up on the first day of filming with their hands stretched out signaling that they needed to be paid upfront. In cash.

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Herman Bumfudle
8 years ago

miley, you’ve got so much going on, when do you really have time to act baby.

8 years ago

Lionsgate always does this to crappy movies. Not good ones.

Ian Wood
8 years ago

I suspect that might be due to Cunch. Not saying it *is,* it’s just a theory. Studios aren’t down with Cunch yet. It’s like AIDS was in the late 80s.

8 years ago

its a real shame coz all the miley fans are busting to see it! :(

You taylor
You taylor
8 years ago

Either way f**k the person who wrote this and all you jealous haters

The Blemish
8 years ago
Reply to  You taylor
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