Octomom About to be Dethroned by Karla Vanessa Perez

Karla Vanessa Perez of the northeastern state of Coahuila is one month away from giving birth to nine babies, six girls and three boys. She already has three babies, triplets. Much like Nadya Suleman, Karla also underwent fertility treatments. Also, much like Octomom, she’s probably not right in the head. No woman asks anyone to “put nine babies in me” unless they seriously hate themselves.

Karla hasn’t come up with any names yet but may I suggest, “This, Is, A, Terrible, Mistake, Please, Kill, Me, Now.”┬áIt’ll make remembering their names so much easier and not only are they gender neutral, but putting the names together will accurately express the regret she feels in a year’s time.

Oh and that image up top? That’s for Karla to give her a glimpse into her future.

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