Octomom Gets $4k – $5k in Welfare

Octomom spoke with Good Morning America today after TMZ posted those photos of her children living in what her hairstylist described as squalor. Naturally, Nadya Suleman alleges “I think maybe me and my kids were set up.” Ah ha! I knew it.

Though to be fair, Nadya’s hairdresser was probably fishing for a payout from TMZ worth more than that $520 she got from giving her that Brazilian blowout.

Anyway, in the GMA interview, Nadya tries to explain away everything. Nadya quips about the hairdresser, “She thought it was unacceptable that they’re, you know, half-naked, goin’ potty.” Then Nadya looks to an imaginary coalition of understanding parents to back her up. “I mean, moms out there, come on.” Yea, moms out there are really going to nod their heads in agreement that letting their kid run around half naked pooping in a fake toilet in the backyard is normal.

Nadya then explains the chair propped against the door. “I didn’t want the kids to go in there at the time and one of my older kids jammed the chair up there so they wouldn’t keep opening and closing the door.” Why don’t you just tether those kids to a stake in the yard? Works for me when I babysit.

She then defends herself from people angry that she would spend $520 on her hair while still receiving welfare. Octomom says that it isn’t a fair criticism. She says $520 was for 15 haircuts in all and not just the single cut. Still, that comes out to a $35 haircut each time. She goes on to say that it’s not even an issue because this is her last month on welfare and that the “$4,000 to $5,000 per month she receives in public assistance” (what?!) goes towards the children and she only pampers herself with the money she earns from her jobs. She continues,

“I’ve been using the media to pay the bills,” she said. ”Any offer now is to take care of my kids. I had to strip myself of pride.”

As for the public image of her as an unfit mother – emphasized again by the leaked photos for her graffiti-covered home — Suleman says she wants to change that image.

“I hate ‘Octomom,’” she said. “I wanna’ take a freaking sledgehammer and crack her in half. That is some freak that they created in the media. I need it to be done.”

Right, the media created Octomom. It had nothing to do with Nadya telling the fertility doctor to put eight babies inside of her and then giving birth to the eight babies and than perpetuating the image of Octomom so she could make money off it to buy things with. Oh but now that “Octomom” conjures up images of a inept mother who can’t take care of her 14 kids, she wants Octomom to disappear. Someone should explain to her that’s not how things work. You can’t just say you’re done with an image when the image you created starts working against you. Just ask Paris Hilton who thought it’d be a fabulous idea to celebrate the fact she’s a functional retard.

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10 years ago

Right.$4-5K/month, but only for a couple months. Then, she says she will be off food stamps (2K), which only leaves $3000/month state supplement for her lifestyle. I guess that 3K is what she will spend on botox, hair care, makeup and eye lashes. Maybe if she manages her money well, she can squeeze in a couple plastic surgery fixes and a couple new Hollister outfits in the next couple of months. With the change, she can get herself a new pair of Fuzzy Critter Slippers. I’ve seen those white ones twice, more than a year apart.

The Blemish
10 years ago
Reply to  Playfulnature

And she’ll say she needs all that to land those gigs in order to pay the rent.

10 years ago

i saw her on dr. drew. a stupid cunt is what she is. they gave her a nanny for a year and on-line courses to become a personal trainer. fucking handouts for a fool. get a job bitch

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