Octomom Is a Fantastic Mother

Octomom Nadya Suleman’s hairstylist Stephanie went to the La Habra police  to file a formal complaint on Tuesday alleging Nadya’s kids are living in squalor. This after seeing the living conditions after giving Nadya a Brazilian blowout. Nadya even locked her kids in the bedroom by propping a chair up against the door during the session. Can’t have those screaming monsters running around when you’re getting your hair did, ya know.

A La Habra cop and three reps from child services went to investigate. What they found was what you’d expect. A woman who hadn’t thought things through before asking herself, “Hey, wouldn’t it be cool to pop out 14 kids through my vagina?”

One photo shows two kids taking a dump in a portable training toilet in the backyard. Stephanie said the plumbing was broke and that only one toilet worked. According to her, a plumber gave Nadya a $150 estimate to fix it but Nadya declined saying it was too expensive. You can sort of see how that makes sense until you find out Nadya is pulling in $2,000 a month from welfare and just cut Stephanie a $520 check for a Brazilian blowout and two previous cuts and then spent $80 on hair products.

Another photo shows the kid’s bedroom with 2 cribs and a mattress. Stephanie says some of the kids have to sleep on the floor. Yet another shows kids running barefoot, dirty and pantsless in the backyard. Yeesh, you’d think they were bloggers or something.

After an hour and a half, authorities concluded the kids were not in danger but there will be a follow-up. Hopefully next time child services, who are unable to charge her with neglect, comes with nails, 2x4s and caution tape to finally board up her vagina.

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Hope Umehjack Love Kennethme


11 years ago

First of all the Doctor who performed IVF on her should be paying for these kids NOT the taxpayers, he was fully aware she was unemployed with 6 kids she wasn’t able to support when he decided she needed 8 more, he needs to pay for ALL of them since he fully knew she was insane and unemployable. Second, this is nothing more than a feeder farm to the Dept of Corrections, which is where most of these kids are going to end up, look at them, they are like the street children growing up in poverty and squalor like… Read more »