Shame? Jennifer Love Hewitt Knows Not of Such Word

When you’re as desperate as Jennifer Love Hewitt to find a guy who’ll pick up one of those three wedding rings you’ve pre-chosen, you’re going to have to violently snuff out feelings such as shame and dignity. That’s exactly what happened before JLH went on Ellen to publicly hit on Adam Levine who recently split from model girlfriend Anne V. If you asked her about it after the fact, she isn’t even embarrassed. In fact, she went one step further and offered him a massage with a happy ending at the launch party of her new tv series.

“Put it out there,” Hewitt told me last night at The Client List launch party when I asked about her maybe crush on the Maroon 5 frontman and The Voice coach. “Why not? Let’s see if he comes a-knockin’.”

Or how about getting him a gig on the Client List? Based on her Lifetime movie of the same name, the series again stars Hewitt as a masseuse who provides happy endings. “Yeah, I should massage him,” Hewitt said. “I mean, I really should.” E!

But even though JLH is without shame, she’s still capable of feeling bitter disappointment.

In a radio interview with Texas DJ Bobby Bones on Friday, she said, “Is there nothing else to talk about?”

And when the radio presenter asked her if anything had happened after she opened up about her celebrity crush, she added, “Absolutely nothing except that everybody is talking about it and Adam Levine will probably never speak to me.

“I feel like I should write him an apology letter on Twitter or something just to say I’m so sorry… I wasn’t thinking that it was gonna turn into this whole thing and I feel bad.” StarPulse

Don’t be mistaken though. She’s not giving up just yet.

“I was kind of hoping that he would say thanks for at least thinking that he’s hot. He is hot!”

You know why Adam Levine hasn’t said anything yet, Jennifer? It’s because he’s been backing away slowly for so long that he’s in Switzerland where the extradition laws are lax.

And just so we’re clear, while men like women who are forward, there’s a fine line between forward and crazy and Jennifer is about 20 miles past that line.

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10 years ago

Why doesn’t she just get liposuction for her wide hips and fat ass?  That way, she wouldn’t have to lose a bunch of weight, her tits will stay big and she could get some decent cock that she doesn’t have to pay for.  She’s just too short to keep the big rack and not be a wide load in the rear.  I can give her equally good advice regarding all aspects of her life for a reasonable price if The Blemish would put her in touch with me.  There, problem solved!

10 years ago

He will hump and dump you in Falsetto

10 years ago


The Blemish
10 years ago

No way he’s touching that. The crazy ain’t worth it.

9 years ago

I’ve been crazy for Jen for a decade now, so according to the laws of the universe we should spend the next decade having crazy sex together.

I’d plow her pussy, justify her jeweled ‘jina, and pop on her puppies.

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