Tori Spelling’s Husband Can’t Keep His Hands Off Her Pregnant Body

At times, Tori Spelling looks like a rejected experiment that a plastic surgeon tossed into the dumpster. Other times she could pass as normal. That’s just us though. For Dean McDermott, Tori is hot 100% of the time. Even when she looks like someone stuffed her with a glazed ham. His wedding day must have been the last time he wore his glasses.

The actress and reality TV star didn’t want to stop having sex with husband Dean McDermott and so they got back to the bedroom as soon as she brought her new baby home – and learned she was pregnant again when the baby was a month old.

The 38 year old tells Life & Style magazine, “I was like, ‘Well, I don’t want him (husband) to think that the sex is going downhill. So here you go, (baby number) four!”

The star, who is due in September, adds, “All my friends keep asking, ‘Was it planned?’ I said, ‘Seriously, Hattie was one month old – do you think it was planned?'”

But she couldn’t be happier: “I’m never as happy as when I’m pregnant and Dean can’t keep his hands off me! He’s like, ‘You’re the sexiest pregnant woman.’ I literally would have 10 (babies) if I could!”

Aw, gross, Tori Spelling pregnancy sex. Excuse me while I scrub my brain with an iron loofah.

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9 years ago

Get a life.

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