A Second Masseur Comes Forward

As they say, all it takes is for one masseur to come forward with a $2 million lawsuit alleging John Travolta fondled their scrotum and shaft and more will follow.

A second masseur, represented by the same attorney as the first, has stepped forward. He says he did an in-room massage for Travolta who was staying there under the alias Mr. White. He didn’t normally do in-room massages and asked a co-worker to do it instead but they declined explaining “Travolta has been banned from a spa that the coworker used to work at in Los Angeles.” Yet, this guy took the job anyway. Turns out when you don’t follow your gut instinct, John Travolta tries to get you to fondle his anus.

On the morning of the massage Travolta had “a strange demeanor, bloodshot eyes and climbed onto the already setup massage table…Travolta removed the entire sheet from his body, and he claimed the sheets were sticky and could not tolerate the heat…Travolta further indicated that he likes a lot of “Glutes” work meaning a massage on his buttocks…While he was massaging near Travolta’s buttocks area, Travolta would open his legs and spread his butt cheeks open and had a full erection and would maneuver in a way to try to force Doe Plaintiff No. 2 to touch his anus and around his anus.” Radar Online

This John Doe Plantiff says John wasn’t even smooth about it. Pretty lazy sexual harassment if you ask me.

As the massage came to an end “Travolta suddenly turned on his stomach with his legs wide open with a full erection. He then tried to force Doe Plaintiff No. 2’s hand on Travolta’s scrotum. Then, Travolta started to grab, rub and caress Doe Plaintiff no. 2’s upper thighs and buttocks….Travolta still had an erection and wanted his abdominals done, but Travolta’s erection was in the way and he refused to have his penis covered by a sheet of a pillow case cover…Travolta started masturbating about 15 minutes left in the session, and Doe Plaintiff No.2, said he had to go,” the docs state.

The masseur “complained to all of his supervisors and many coworkers to no avail.” Travolta allegedly went down “to the spa that Plaintiff No. 2 worked at, which is part of the resort Travolta was staying at, as opposed to having Doe Plaintiff No. 2 go to his room. Travolta DEMANDED that Doe Plaintiff No. 2 come back and do it again, and he refused,” the lawsuit asserts.

I like how he didn’t get the hell out when John tried to get him to massage his anus and how they make it sound like the main reason he wouldn’t work on his abdominal was because his erection was in the way. Normally, that reason would only be secondary to John Travolta’s erection winking at you. I would have left this way before he started jacking off in front of me.

Naturally, John’s lawyer, Marty Singer, calls this a complete fabrication as well and plans to sue both accusers for malicious prosecution.

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Herman Bumfudle
Herman Bumfudle
10 years ago

i don’t believe the masseur. it’s classic psychological profiling, with one missing characteristic. mr. travolta, is a recluse when it comes to strangers, it’s apart of the territory that comes with fame.

The Blemish
10 years ago

Whether this is true or not, there are still overwhelming accounts of this happening to others.

10 years ago
Reply to  The Blemish

Same story, different person. There’s no telling how many out of court settlements he’s payed out over the years. His wife has to be getting tired of this s**t.

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