Adam Levine Talks About His Promiscuity

Before meeting Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Anne V, who he’s since broken up with, Adam Levine slept around. A lot. He was a real big slut. He tells Details he was like that because he loved women.

“There’s two kinds of men. There are men who are [bleeping] misogynist pigs, and then there are men who just really love women, who think they’re the most amazing people in the world. And that’s me,” Levine says in the June issue of Details magazine. “Maybe the reason I was promiscuous, and wanted to sleep with a lot of them, is that I love them so much.”

Breaking: Man likes to have sex with lots of attractive girls. News at 10. Basically, the reason he slept with so many women is he liked to bang a lot of hot girls. Gosh, I never heard of a man liking such a thing.

Adam goes on to explain that he jumped at the chance to be on The Voice so he could show the world a different side of himself.

“I’ve always felt a little misrepresented in the world. I felt like people only knew me as a singer who dated pretty girls. A little bit of a bimbo. Maybe I was kind of a bimbo,” he tells the magazine. “I wanted to create a little balance. When [‘The Voice’] came around, I thought, ‘People now know that I have a brain.'”

And to also bang a lot more hot chicks. Amirite? High-five!

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12 years ago

He’s a mimbo