Amanda Bynes Hit Another Car

Amanda Bynes continued her downward spiral last Friday by hitting a car and driving off obliviously. Luckily for her, it wasn’t a cop car this time.

Police say a man was driving near the intersection of Crescent Heights and Melrose Blvd when he was sideswiped by a Range Rover trying to pass him on the right. When the SUV kept going, he followed it in traffic. Cops responded and even sent out a helicopter to track the Range Rover.

Cops finally found the SUV and discovered the driver was Amanda Bynes who had no idea she hit another car. Sources say the damage to her vehicle was so minimal that she probably didn’t feel the accident at all.

Information was eventually exchanged, no citation was given and police won’t investigate further. Though, for her sake, they should do something. Like, take her by the shoulders, shake her really hard and yell, “What are you thinking?!”

After hitting a cop car, driving drunk, backing over a curb and now this, at the very least, they should have thrown her car keys into the La Brea Tar Pits.

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12 years ago

She needs to take a step back and evaluate her life. Just another lost soul in Hollywood.