Arianny Celeste Kicked Her Boyfriend in the Face

Details of 26-year-old Arianny Celeste’s domestic violence arrest have come out and it doesn’t sound good or does it. Depending on how you view kicks to the face.

The police report said the argument began early Saturday morning in a limousine over a series of texts Arianny’s boyfriend, Praveen Chandra, 34, allegedly sent to other women.

According to the report, the argument escalated inside the couple’s Wynn hotel room. A hotel employee heard crashing sounds and responded to the room around 4:30 AM, when Arianny came running out.

Police were called — and Arianny told officers Chandra had choked her and grabbed her arm inside the room. Cops observed marks on Arianny’s body.

Chandra told cops Arianny had kicked him in the face — and after the argument moved inside the hotel … she threw two vases at him.

Looks like Arianny Celeste wasn’t following the unified rules and instead chose to follow the much better Pride rules.

If that was too MMA-nerdy for you, then maybe this video will help explain things.

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