Britney Walked Off the ‘X Factor’ Set Again

For the second time in two days, Britney Spears walked off the X Factor set. While the first time on Thursday she appeared annoyed after a contestant allegedly butchered her single Hold It Against Me, this time on Friday seemed a lot stranger as it wasn’t clear what set her off. Maybe she’s incontinent? All those fraps may have finally damaged her bladder.

“After a very popular contestant finished, Brit stood up and immediately walked towards the tunnel where judges enter,” a show source tells Us Weekly of the pop star’s dramatic exit Friday afternoon–adding that it wasn’t clear what spurred the departure. “Her bodyguards [and entourage] jumped up and ran after her. She was moving fast . . . It was odd.” (The witness adds that, after a little while, “she came back,” as though nothing unusual had happened.)

Unlike Us, TMZ has become Britney Spears apologists. They say Britney couldn’t be happier judging the show and that she didn’t walk off on Friday so much as take a short break. This after Simon Cowell sent managing TMZ editor Harvey Levin a video denying any walk-offs and a personal message from Britney saying, “Play nice Harvey.”

Big gossip blogs, they’re just like us. A big shot celebrity validates their existence just once and they’re kissing their ass in two hours time. Let me be part of your inner circle!

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Zachary Shook
12 years ago

In honesty, it sounds like she either has a drug problem that’s being taken care of with sporadic sessions, or she really has the bladder of someone with several kids and a caffeine addiction.

12 years ago

Why can’t people just be happy for her.

Cleve Calhoun
12 years ago

Has Britney EVER said anything bad about another celebrity? She cares a lot about her image when it comes to stuff like that, she’s not just going to be storming off the set everyday. SMH.