Charlize Theron in Spaaaace

Charlize Theron recently said that she’d love to book a seat on Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic commercial space flight in order to experience vast amounts of empty nothingness. Obviously she’s never talked to Paris Hilton.

“I’m totally open to going up in space. Isn’t Richard Branson doing it? But I hear it’s expensive! You can go up for $200,000. I’m open to all of that stuff. I’m sure it would be scary, but hopefully I’d just be going to see what it looks like, so I’d be coming back. I wouldn’t miss anything here because I try to live in the present.” NDTV

Speaking of the present, here’s Charlize Theron in InStyle looking as hot as a 36-year-old could ever look. Did she manage to get better with age? Here I thought that was just a joke designed to make old people feel better.

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