Courtney Stodden Is a Good Spokesperson

Courtney Stodden, whose goal in life is to look as hideous as possible, did an ad for energy drink company Happy Bunny for their Spaz Juice. Apparently the goal of this viral ad was to make it as annoying as possible and describe the product in the most unappealing way. “Mm, tastes like candy!” Yea, because whenever people decide to drink an energy drink, they pick one that tastes the most like a liquefied pixie stick.

As long as we’re on the subject of Courtney Stodden, here’s her trying her best to look sexy by dancing in her underwear to her new song Reality. There’s a stripper pole behind her that goes unused which seems like a waste. This is probably her homemade music video she had to do because no one else would go near this song.

Then there’s this video of her in near-blackface talking about how sexy vegetables are.

Hey, look. Sexual innuendo. I get it!

[via EvilBeet]

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