Where I Fall in Love With Alison Brie and Apply to California Institute of the Arts

Alison Brie was a guest on Conan last week where she described her college experience at the California Institute of the Arts. A place where clothing was optional and she hung upside down naked in a tree like a monkey to amuse her friend.

Why didn’t my high school adviser ever inform me about such a place?! Where the only thing I’d have studied was Alison Brie bouncing around campus naked. Great, now I have to spend my entire Memorial Day afternoon looking at CSI grad programs.

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10 years ago

I was at CalArts the same time that she was; when she says ‘clothing optional’, it’s not as if it was ALL NUDE ALL THE TIME. It’s just that when nudity did happen, no one got all up in arms about it. Granted, I was in Character Animation and chained to my cubicle; maybe things were different over in the Theater Department. I will say though, they should just rename the annual Halloween party: NAKED FEST.

The Blemish
10 years ago
Reply to  MentalE

That’s how pretty much how I imagined it to be and it still sounds awesome.

9 years ago
Reply to  MentalE

So only naked 10% of the time? I’ll take it!

Dave Molecular
10 years ago

Why was I not told of such a place? My guidance counselor failed me woefully. I am very depressed.

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