Gordon Ramsay and Will Ferrell Injured in Charity Soccer Match

The always shouting tv chef Gordon Ramsay left the field yesterday on a stretcher. He was supposed to be playing in a friendly celebrity soccer match for charity but it turns out someone didn’t get the memo.

Ramsay, a former Scottish amateur soccer player, was tackled by former England national star Teddy Sheringham. He was given oxygen on the sidelines before being carted off to the hospital. He tweeted, “Thx 4 all the messages. Out of hospital after receiving amazing care from medics at ground & hospital. Bit sore but fine.”

Will Ferrell was also injured to a much lesser extent. He hurt his leg. No word on what type of injury it was but if I had to guess, he pulled a hammie. You know how these big shot actors are. I’m surprised they didn’t have their assistant kick the ball for them.

Wait, that’s it? What a pansy. I’ve seen harder hits at the Lingerie Bowl. Teddy gently slapping Gordon’s face after the hit was a nice touch though.

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