Jennifer Lopez Got Her Boytoy a Reality Show

Riding Jennifer Lopez’s coattails has really paid off. Not only did Casper Smart get promoted to lead choreographer on Lopez’s tour, but J.Lo just sold a reality show based on him to Oxygen. All he had to do is have sex with her which isn’t the worst thing in the world. The nagging afterward probably is though.

The show will follow Smart as he trains his backup dancers for their upcoming tour and will focus only on Smart and Lopez’s professional relationship. Which is probably just like their personal one anyway. Do this, do that, wear this while I parade you around the red carpet in front of Marc Anthony, stop talking, you’re not attractive when you talk and so on and so forth.

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12 years ago

you guys need to chill the f**k up. Leave JLO and Casper alone. ya just jealous because she’s making alot of money than ya do. I wish you people could leave them alone.