Jennifer Lopez May Not Return to Idol

Jennifer Lopez, on Ellen with her co-star Cameron Diaz, hinted she wouldn’t be returning to American Idol and that two years of the show may be enough.

“I really do enjoy it,” she said after telling DeGeneres she wasn’t sure what her future on “Idol” might be. “Now this is my second year — I don’t know if I can go for a third year. I miss doing other things. It really does lock you down, which was nice the first year with the babies being three, but now they’re getting more mobile, they’re about to go into school … So I just don’t know.” MTV

Oh, shut up, Jennifer Lopez. Of course she’s returning to Idol. Especially now that Jennifer topped Forbes’ Celebrity 100 list that they released today. This is probably her trying to negotiate now that she saw that Britney Spears is making $15M for X Factor.

A few years prior, she was fading into obscurity. As Forbes explains, “Her albums, like the all-Spanish Como Ama una Mujer, failed to find the broad audience she once enjoyed. Her movies, like El Cantante, flopped.”

In 2010, American Idol turned all that around for her. The exposure gave her a worldwide audience to market her music to and garnered her an endorsement deal with L’Oreal and Gillette. I mean, if she wasn’t on Idol, who’s she going to push out of the way to steal the spotlight from?

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