John Doe #2 Will Negotiate, Wants $250k from John Travolta

Radar reported yesterday that John Doe #2, who’s suing John Travolta for going spread eagle on him during a massage, will be entering mediation instead of going to trial. The reason for this is to keep the identity of John Doe #2 private and avoid a media circus.

“Marty Singer, and Okorie Okorocha have spoken and both are working on the ground rules for the evidence and procedure about how the mediation will proceed, and that process could take 1-2 months. This is commonly done before formal mediation begins. Both sides will agree to keep all transcripts sealed, as well as all witness statements, depositions, etc. The lawsuit will be heard by a private judge, who will decide how much money if any the accuser will receive. All of the proceedings will be strictly confidential, but make no mistake, this will be a dog fight, that will take place out of the public forum. This is done for a plethora of reasons, mainly, this will allow the masseur’s identity from being made public, and it would just be a media circus if it did go to trial This will be the best way for the case to be heard with minimal disruption to John Travolta and the masseur’s life.”

Today, reports say John Doe #2 would be willing to settle quickly for $250k. It sounds shady because of how quickly they threw out a number to negotiate off of. John Doe’s lawyer, Okorie Okorocha, says it’s because his client wants his life back. Then he crossed his fingers hoping Travolta wouldn’t call his bluff.

“Look my client is a very tall man, weighs about 300 pounds and is also a personal trainer so a private judge could absolutely look at him and wonder how much in damages he really suffered. If this could settle quickly, well, obviously, that would be the best result for all parties involved,” Okorocha says.

Well, at least we know John Travolta goes for quality tail.

In related news, Travolta’s third accuser, Fabian Zanzi, has sort of conflicting stories. TMZ has an incident report from the Royal Caribbean Cruise Zanzi worked on which doesn’t mention anything about sexual harassment, only that Travolta asked him for a neck massage . He obliged and was then told “he was a beautiful person and invited him to return to visit him later that night.” Zanzi refused.

Zanzi’s story now, of course, is Travolta gave him a big hug with an open robe and erect penis. Travolta then offered him $12,000 for sex and his silence.

Marty Singer, Travolta’s lawyer, claims this conflicting incident report vindicates John Travolta. Though it could be Zanzi didn’t want to say anything because he was already reprimanded for giving a neck massage.

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12 years ago

Maybe Travolta has done something like this in the past, but it’s pretty shady that this accuser wants to hide his identity AND get paid.

I’m gonna side with Travolta on this one.

12 years ago
Reply to  Cookiemonster

same.. I don’t believe the john does

12 years ago

IT’s all a bunch of bull. Stayin Alive, stayin alive.