John Travolta Blew Jeff Conaway While He Slept

John Travolta’s Grease co-star Jeff Conaway told his former fiancee Vikki Lizzi that one time he woke up to find Travolta blowing him. He was so “dismayed” (is that the right word?) that he ended their relationship.

“Jeff told me that John and Kelly’s marriage was an arrangement,” she told Star magazine. “Jeff said that Kelly knows that John is gay, and that’s why she’s OK with it.”

Geez, you wake up to your friend going down on you one time and you end the friendship? Aren’t we little miss uptight. That’s how I imagine John complained about it to Kelly Preston.

In more “John Travolta molested me” news of the day, a fourth accuser, a gym employee, has stepped forward claiming Travolta groped and fondled him against his will. The man says he would open the gym after hours for Travolta while he was on location for a shoot. That ended up being a bad idea because the gym employee says John tried to fondle him. My guess is he asked the guy to spot him on the bench press so his junk would dangle over his mouth.

Meanwhile, The National Enquirer interviewed another masseur who claimed to have had sex with Travolta back in ’97 . He described the sex as great.

“He’s a great kisser,” Gonzalez told the Enquirer. “Travolta may not identify himself as a gay man, but it doesn’t dismiss the fact that he likes sex with men . . . and he’s experienced at it. I know because I had sex with him, and he loved it.”
Gonzalez said, “I can still remember it like it happened yesterday,” and described Travolta as “very experienced” in the sack.
He said that after the tryst in the hotel room, they soaped each other up in the shower — and then Travolta gave him a paltry 20 percent tip.

No way this is true. John’s a great tipper!

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