Jon Travolta Has 7 Accusers

Here’s your rundown of what’s going on with that Jon Travolta sexual harassment case.

Up top is John Doe #2. NYDN tracked him down and discovered him to be John Truesdale, a 6ft 250 pound masseur and certified black belt. Black belt in what? Well, certainly sucking dick, that’s for sure (sad John Travolta face). NDYN confirms that he works at the spa at the Mandarin Oriental in Atlanta.

Much like John Doe #1, Truesdale has also left his original lawyer, Okorocha, to be repped by Gloria Allred. Okorocha is not too happy about this and is suing Allred claiming she poached her clients after he did all the handwork on getting these cases national attention.

Then last Friday, two more men came forward accusing John Travolta of sexual assault. One accuser is from Seattle and alleges that after a Qantas event in 2000, Travolta cornered him while he was cleaning a guest room. “He came up right behind me and grabbed my a–.,” the former catering staffer, 48, claimed to the New York Daily News. “I turned around and saw that his penis was out of his pants.” Oh, please. I bet that’s just how John says hi in front of men. Instead of waving his hand, he waves his penis.

Meanwhile, the Miami masseur alleges that during a massage in Miami in 2000, “[Travolta] was putting his hands where he wanted me to work and kind of grinding on the table. At one point he actually pulled my hand between his legs up to his scrotum. I started working on his other leg and it all started back up again. He started putting his butt up in the air. I was just trying to do whatever I could to distract him but he started getting aggressive and grabbed my hand again.” As the massage came to an end, Jeff alleges that Travolta started masturbating and claims the actor told him, “It’s okay, you can do it. No one’s going to know ”

It sounds like John get his seduction techniques from birds because they’re usually the ones who flirt by wiggling their ass. I’d hate to be John’s masseur. It sounds like a terrible experience what with all the giggling and butt wiggling and then masturbating. It’d be like you were in a perverted Teletubbies episode.

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steppin stone
steppin stone
12 years ago

fruitboy better get his gayness out in the open. kelly is leaving him anyway.