Katy Perry Debuts ‘Wide Awake’ at Billboard Music Awards

Last night at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards, Katy Perry debuted her new single Wide Awake while twirling around in the air over a set of fake clouds.

Pink’s husband Carey Hart was adamant that Katy ripped off his wife Pink’s performance insinuating Pink’s performance was better because she was 3 months pregnant and “actually sang the song.” Oooh, really? What? You want a cookie or something?

Apparently, if someone twirls around in the air once, all future variations of air twirling will be derivative and terrible. Let’s not even mention Katy Perry wasn’t even attempting any Cirque du Soleil moves but whatever. You’re not going to convince Carey Hart otherwise. “How can I jerk off to something that reminds me of my wife?,” he probably yelled at his tv.

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