Kristen Stewart Knows How to Promote Movies

Promoting Snow White and the Huntsmen releasing this Friday, Kristen Stewart was asked whether this film marked a new phase in her career and served as a way to distance herself from the Twilight franchise.

” ‘Twilight’ means so much to me, but it doesn’t stand out in terms of — ” she paused, looking for the right words. “Everything I do needs to be really important. [‘Snow White’] is neither better or worse than anything I’ve done.” LAT

It’s not better or worse than anything she’s ever done. Wow, what a glowing recommendation. Hey, Kristen, now tell us what makes this movie worth watching. “Well, Snow White has a sword in this one.” Amazing! You don’t say?! Can we look forward to more variety like this in your future projects? “Yea, maybe, I don’t know.”

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