Lindsay Lohan Was Orange at the A&E Up Front Presentation

A&E held their up fronts yesterday and guess who showed up looking the most haggard? Ding ding ding. Lindsay Lohan. It looked like she only bronzed part of her face. Her forehead looked like a photoshop gradient going from orange to brown to white. I’m guessing her exact words after getting this done was, “What have you done to me? I’m a monster!”

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10 years ago

She looks great, but people will find something to pick on her for anyways. It’s sad.

Confidence Awaits
Confidence Awaits
10 years ago

Lindsay needs desperately to find a new (or a) stylist. How can anyone who cares about her public image allow her to be photographed looking so rough?? She needs to lay off the lip injections her lips look distorted and terribly unnatural. The spray tan created a nice look if you are 78 & living in Boca Raton FL. She could look pretty if she allowed her natural looks to shine not fake tacky tans and duck lips to try and create artificial mirages. Smaller, natural lips with anatomically correct shaping & Fair skin is gorgeous. Tans age skin or… Read more »

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