Nick Stahl Checked Into Rehab

Last week, Terminator 3 actor Nick Stahl was reported missing by his wife. Many believed he had been frequenting LA’s famed Skid Row the score drugs.

Days later, friends said they received an email from him explaining he was okay but would be unreachable for the next 30 days so he could get help.

The other night, Stahl’s wife, Rose, finally spoke to Nick who told her he had checked into rehab. Rose double-checked with the rehab the next morning to make sure he was still there.

No word on what he was doing the week before he checked into rehab. My guess is going on one last binge. Sort of like when guys have a bachelor party before they marry but in this case, there was way more drugs and instead of strippers rubbing themselves all over him, it was homeless people.

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