Paris Hilton Still Jealous of Kim Kardashian

Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian both used sex tapes as springboards into the spotlight. However, whereas Paris Hilton failed to use her fame to achieve anything of significance, mostly due to her act of acting like the rich airhead everyone hates, Kim, with the help of her family, created her own empire.

The two ceased to be friends when Kim’s fame started eclipsing Paris’. Paris has long claimed Kim is ungrateful for what she’s done for her but most chalk that up to jealousy. Since their breakup, their paths have diverged. Last year, Kim brought in $40 million while Paris was asked if her “moment has passed.”

“Kim will always be a sore spot for Paris because she believes that without her Kim wouldn’t have the success she has in her life,” a source close to the situation tells “Paris thinks Kim wasn’t a loyal friend to her and only used her to gain fame and that she is ungrateful for everything Paris claimed to do for her.

“Paris is extremely jealous of Kim’s success with her reality shows as Paris’ last foray in television was a complete flop. Her show on Oxygen was a ratings disaster and didn’t get renewed. Adding to Paris’ angst is that attention that Kim is getting from dating Kanye. Paris has been dating DJ Afrojack, but he’s nowhere near the fame league that Kanye is, and adding to that, the relationship has now cooled. He didn’t accompany Paris to Cannes and he didn’t go with her to Las Vegas for Memorial Day while he was working in Atlantic City.

“Afrojack is extremely busy with his gigs and plays nightly at clubs all over the country, and Paris isn’t going to go on the road with him and be a groupie. Paris looks at Kim’s life and the fact that she is constantly featured on the cover of entertainment and fashion magazines while she isn’t — and well, that stings.” Radar

As I see it, Kim is the lesser of two evils. Paris always walked around with this air of contempt at the height of her fame. She felt that fame was owed to her because she was a spoiled rich white girl whose last name was Hilton. And maybe it was. But so was the long precipitous drop from fame that happened a few years later. That fall was so big that Paris’ ass is still hurting.

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9 years ago

Her ass also hurts from other reasons? Amirite?

9 years ago

All she needs to do is suck more black cock. But, Paris is racist, remember? No dark meat for her. So Kim has her beat for the biggest whore ever!!!

9 years ago

You are very wrong about the empire comment! If anything Paris has a much more extensive one.

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