Rihanna Pissed Off Everybody at SNL

Producers and show head Lorne Michaels were a little pissed when Rihanna ditched final rehearsal for her Saturday Night Live gig on Saturday. She called in sick for dress rehearsal which is done live in front of a studio audience before the actual show. Rihanna’s choreographer danced to her songs.

Rihanna later showed up looking fine. Staff were shocked and felt she didn’t look sick enough to miss dress rehearsal. Of course, this is big star Rihanna so no one said anything.

According to our sources, once the live show got going, Rihanna was seen eating an apple and walking around in between songs … which bothered several staffers because she did not seem ill at all.

We’re told producers can’t even remember the last time someone has skipped the dress rehearsal.

Sources close to Rihanna tell TMZ she went through every rehearsal except the dress rehearsal (which she was in the building for) because she just felt too ill to do it. We’re told RiRi had a doctor come to her dressing room before the show and administer a shot of penicillin before she went on. TMZ

A rep said Rihanna was sick and needed to save her voice. Not like she needed to rehearse anyway. One of the songs she performed was Birthday Cake, which is a minute long, before heading into Talk That Talk and the only dancing she needed to do there was slap her vag over and over in case people didn’t understand the innuendo. Check out the videos after the jump.

Rihanna performs Where Have You Been

Birthday Cake and Talk That Talk

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