Tom Gabel from Against Me! Is Becoming a Woman

Against Me! lead singer Tom Gabel is becoming a woman. And I don’t mean that metaphorically like he’s wearing guyliner and talking about boys. I mean he’s physically turning himself into a woman. Hormonally at first. If you don’t remember Against Me!, here’s a video for their most┬ápopular┬ásong Thrash Unreal.

Tom, 31, tells Rolling Stone he has a condition called gender dysphoria. He plans to take hormones and undergo electrolysis and eventually maybe gender reassignment surgery.

Tom says he’ll now be known as Laura Jane Grace but that he’s not into dudes and will still be married to his wife. No word on if he’ll still be the father figure to his 2-year-old daughter or if he can get away with complaining to his wife about cramps once a month.

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J Lundren
J Lundren
12 years ago

It takes a lot of bravery to face the public on this issue, good for her.