Today’s News Brought to You by Mom of the Year

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  • Breastfeeding critics and advocates are giving the breastfeeding mom from TIME Magazine a hard time for popping a tit into her three-year-old’s mouth. Look, do you want that kid to be popular in school or not. Because I can assure you, there’s a a good chance he’ll be the only kid who’ll have gotten to second base in his preschool.
  • The adoption community is up in arms over The Avengers joke where Black Widow points out that Loki’s “killed 80 people in two days” causing Thor to reply, “he’s adopted.” They want an apology and whine about the stereotype that adopted kids have  “a pathos that turns them bad or hurts people.” First of all, the joke wasn’t even about that. It was more about Thor wanting to distance himself from Loki not that Loki was inherently bad because he was adopted. It’s like when your friend does something stupid and you say to everyone around you, “I don’t know him.” Second of all, I’ve seen Problem Child. I know how these kids are. Pure evil!
  • Reese Witherspoon’s dad is being accused of bigamy by his first wife. This is confusing.


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