Alec Baldwin Complains to David Letterman

Alec Baldwin was on David Letterman yesterday talking about the paparazzi incident where he was alleged to have punched one of them in the face. He explained that the photog, Marcus Santos, is a master at sticking a camera in his face but not actually making contact. So naturally Alec got angry and pushed him away. The entire segment was just a celebrity jerk off session between him and Letterman where they talked about the plight of rich famous people.

Anyway, Baldwin at one point lamented the fact that it wasn’t the good ol’ days when studios would protect their celebrities and keep them out of the press. It seems he wants to go back to those times. That’s a good idea but I think we should go back even further. To a time when actors were paid about the same as garbage collectors. I think that would be a fair trade.

[via Gawker]

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Cry Baby Multi millionaires
Cry Baby Multi millionaires
11 years ago

Alec is a funny f’er
I love how these attention hungry starz work , suck and whatever else to get famous and they freak when photographers swarm them.
Watch Me Love Me Go Away…
TheyRe all vain maniac
Whos nightmare is being ignored