Cheryl Cole Is a Singer?

Cheryl Cole is a popular singer in the UK but you wouldn’t know it by listening to her butcher Need You Now with Gary Barlow at the Diamond Jubilee Concert.

Which is weird because she was part of the popular UK band Girls Aloud and embarked on a solo career after members of the group went on hiatus in 2009. She then scored a gig on the 5th season of X Factor alongside Dannii Minogue, Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh judging the talent of others, mainly singers.

You’d think after 10 years of surrounding herself with singers she’d be good by now. But you’d be wrong. Much like you were when you first saw this video out of context and thought that guy just pulled a deaf person out of the crowd to sing with him.

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flop site
flop site
10 years ago

Bitch f**k you tbh

10 years ago

Cheryl Tweedy needs to GO AWAY.

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