Chris Evans Heading for a Nervous Breakdown

Chris Evans may not be able to handle all the responsibilities that come with being a major star. The National Enquirer says he’s heading for a nervous breakdown.

“Chris is fine when he’s working on a movie set, but all the other stuff – the meetings, the press interviews, being asked to talk before a group – just cripple him. He’s left events and even auditions, running away in a cold sweat.”

First of all, that doesn’t make a lot of sense considering Evans has been a major star on and off throughout the years and he seems fine. He played the Human Torch in Fantastic Four, he was great in Sunshine and he’s already had a good amount of fame with Captain America. Second, he was in The Avengers which grossed a bajillion dollars and he still has to audition? I figure by now he’s been sent so many scripts that he just uses them to wipe his ass.

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