Jenny McCarthy Sent Nude Pics to Her Dentist

Trying to get as much publicty as she can for her new show Love in the Wild on NBC, Jenny McCarthy recounted the time she sent a naked picture of herself to her son’s 80-year-old dentist.

She explained, “It’s horrific to remember. Evan woke up and said, ‘There’s this weird thing on my gum.’ …So I called the dentist and said, ‘This is insane’. He said, ‘Take a picture of it and send it to me.’

“So I’m taking a picture of it and I’m sending it to the dentist and I sent him a nude on accident (sic)! I swear to God! The dentist is, like, 80 years old. I literally screamed at the top of my lungs.”

“Accident,” right. Listen, no matter how many nude photos of yourself you text to your dentist and no matter how many times he acts coy by texting back, “Please, stop!,” you’re not going to get a discount on that teeth cleaning.

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Good thing she’s about as real as veneers.

Brian Urwanker
Brian Urwanker

There are skanks like Jenny all over Chicago-land. Most of them do have nice teeth though, I wonder….

Has Pretty Legs

Even with a brain damaged kid to think of, she’s peddling that pussy! I think she got her big payday, so it’s free teeth scraping from here on out. People actually make life changing decisions based on this idiot telling them not to vaccinate their children. They should feel so proud of themselves.


Jenny is right about vaccinations, they are deadly toxic foreign matter being injected directly into the bloodstream. Sheeple will continue to foolishly believe vaccines are safe and remain blindly submissive to white coats; while the informed will continue to have healthier children who are not vaccinated. The morons who cry about unvaccinated children claiming they ‘threaten’ others safety are further retarded, because if your amazing vaccines work so well; then why would an unvaccinated individual pose a threat to the allegedly protected vaccinated individual? DurrrrrrrrrrrrrP – continue to assault your now compromised immune system – enjoy your planned cancer sheeple.

Zachary Shook

That’s a Hell of a way to make someone want to drill your mouth!

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