Justin Bieber Knocked Himself Out Running Into a Glass Wall

For the third time, Justin Bieber ran into a wall of glass and knocked himself silly. In between songs during his performance the other night, he walked backstage and ran into the wall of glass. He was disoriented but finished his set.

Afterward, Justin walked to his dressing room and passed out for 15 seconds. Doctors say he suffered a concussion and that he’ll be fine. Said Justin, “I guess me and glass windows just don’t work.”

And this kid supposedly beat up this photog? And he’s dating Selena Gomez? Is the prophecy “and the meek shall inherit the earth” finally coming true? Aw, crap. What does that mean for me and my¬†muscles?!

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10 years ago

HAHAHAHAHAHA Justin Bieber Deserves a BIG Knee Slapper For This One LOL Still Love You Though Justin

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