Update: Kanye West Tweeted Kim Kardashian’s Ass

Update: Apparently this isn’t Kim Kardashian and wasn’t posted by Kanye West. The girl in the picture is actually porn star Amia Miley who tweeted the same photo in 2011. Miley confirms it’s her and says she never hooked up with Kanye. A source close to Kanye says he didn’t post it and that it’s part of a prank where people try to start fake rumors.

According to CSB, Kanye West allegedly tweeted a photo of Kim Kardashian eating naked last night and quickly deleted it. She probably told him to because she doesn’t want to cross the line into slightly NSFW territory and hurt her brand which, ironically, was built on NSFW. That or she didn’t want people to see her naked. Haha, but no, seriously, the photo is a little NSFW.

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