Kate Upton Gets Bouncy for Terry Richardson

Hey, it’s Terry Richardson day here at The Blemish. This time we see Terry Richardson running down the list of the many talents of Kate Upton. I’d like to think this video came about from my joke of Kate Upton’s “talents” but it wouldn’t be right to take credit for such an obvious joke.

Anyway, if you want a rundown of Kate’s talents either because your boss is hovering around you or you want to save the video for a more intimate setting with candles and incense, here’s a helpful guide.

  1. Lifeguard: This includes running on the beach in a bikini. A lot of bouncing
  2. Skateboarding: Minimal bouncing
  3. Hula Hooping: Minimal/Moderate bouncing
  4. Basketball: Minimal bouncing
  5. Roller Coasters: Moderate bouncing and wardrobe malfunctions
  6. Dancing: Self-explanatory
  7. Wet t-shirt contests: Mother… of… god

Well, that wet t-shirt scene just did it. Is there such a thing as love at first sight? My erection seems to think so.

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