Lindsay Lohan in Hospital After Crashing Her Porsche

Lindsay Lohan was taken to the emergency room this afternoon after a car accident.

According to reports, she was driving her black Porsche, a rented car by the way, on the PCH when she slammed into the back of an 18 wheeler, totaling the Porsche. Lindsay and her assistant (the passenger) were both bleeding and bruised. Someone drove Lindsay to the hospital while her assistant went by ambulance. Police say neither Lindsay nor the truck driver had been drinking.

Lindsay is saying the accident wasn’t her fault and that the big rig cut her off. The excuse sounds fishy if you’ve ever driven anywhere in the vicinity of an 18 wheeler in your entire life. Those cars take about 2 minutes to change lanes and you’d have to be blind to rear-end one. Not to mention she’s driving a Porsche who’s braking distance from 60 mph to 0 is less than 100 ft. She must have the reactions of a sloth after smoking weed.

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