Lindsay Lohan Lied to the Cops

Sources are saying that when cops questioned Lindsay Lohan at the hospital on Friday, Lindsay claimed that she was not driving the Porsche. Considering she alleges her brakes weren’t working sort of implying she was driving, that statement seems odd. Because of this, she could be prosecuted and have her probation revoked. Interestingly, Lindsay’s lawyer Shawn Holley rushed to the hospital because she knew police were interviewing her but didn’t make it in time.

 Lindsay told police she was a passenger in the Porsche and her assistant was driving.   But the lie didn’t stick because later Lindsay’s assistant told police Lindsay was behind the wheel.

We’re told police are writing up a report that will include Lindsay’s lie.  It’s a crime to provide false info to a police officer.  In addition, lying to police could trigger a probation violation in her shoplifting case, which means she faces the possibility of jail on 2 fronts.

Not like anything is going to happen, mind you. This is Lindsay Lohan we’re talking about and LA is in love with celebrities. Short of taking bath salts and chewing someone’s face off, she’s not going to any jail.

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Michael Prymula
10 years ago

This story is completely false, the official statement from the police is that Lindsay’s account and the truck drivers were both consistent, so don’t believe a word TMZ says unless there’s actual evidence to back it up! It’s going to take more then hearsay from a gossip site to convince me. Don’t drink the TMZ kool aid!

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